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During Lauren's graduate year at Edinburgh College of Arts, she honed her skills of draping and tailoring. Learning bespoke tailoring techniques and time consuming hand work, in addition to creative draping. Lauren designs organically and intuitively, holding the concept in her head and manipulating fabric based upon her knowledge of techniques and processes.

Academically, she explored how fashion is experienced and understood, particularly for those who are visually impaired, which has sparked a design ethos of considering fashion as whole, how it is feels, moves, is presented, and how it’s purpose and process is communicated.


Since graduating, Lauren has worked as a bridal seamstress at Emma Roy, where she has continued to developed her hand sewing skills in lace and beading, gained a greater understanding of how to work with bridal fabrics  and conducted fittings and alterations. Upon moving to Walker Slater, her passion for, and knowledge of, tailoring has only grown. Here a significant part of her role is creating outfits for clients. Both Lauren's roles at Emma Roy and Walker Slater have highlighted her excitement and eagerness to continue expanding her knowledge of craftsmanship within the luxury and couture fashion industry.

Designer - Lauren Hyde, Stylist - Amanda BlackwoodPhotographer - Stew Bryden,  Makeup Artist - Gigi Carter

Graduate Collection

2024_06_12 Concept - TU.jpg
2024_06_12 Research -TU.jpg
2024_06_12 Inital 2D to 3D- TU.jpg
Photo 02-08-2023, 14 46 44.jpg
2024_06_12 Creating a garment - TU.jpg
2024_06_12 Design development process.jpg
2024_06_12 Range Plan.jpg
2024_06_12 outcome.jpg


Based in Edinburgh, Scotland

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